So they keep telling us we cant have a referendum because 2014 was a once in a generation Referendum.

Edinburgh Agreement which facilitated the section 30 order made no mention of once in a generation.

"Once in a generation" comes from interviews with SNP leaders who when asked how often they would call referendums ? "There would not be another for a generation. Unless there was a major change of circumstances".

For me Brexit & the lunatics taking over the Westminster asylum count as a major change of circumstances. Even you Tories out there must admit this crowd in Westminster bare very little resemblance to the alleged "One Nation Conservative Party".

Good Friday Agreement N. Ireland which the British Government signed contains a clause guaranteeing the right to a unification referendum if the majority wish. No more than once in a political generation. Defined as no less than 7 years.

So going by past legal treaties agreed by the U.K. Government there is no reason for them not to issue a section 30 order in September 2021


Makes things neater. Westminster agrees to abide by result. IT IS NOT A LEGAL REQUIREMENT

Westminster will tell you it is. When have they ever spoke the truth on Constitutional matters.

According to International law a country withdrawing from such a treaty does not require the permission of partners in the treaty.

This fact was recently accepted by the U.K regarding Bosnia.

More recently Tory Ministers when talking about Brexit said they know of no freely entered into international treaty where one signatory needs the permission of the other to withdraw from the treaty.

The Act Of Union Treaty of 1707 is a freely entered into Treaty between Scotland & England. Either Party has a right to withdraw anytime they wish.

Often treated like one BUT we are NOT a Colony.