Innocent or guilty the court will decide.

Timing 2/3 months before Nicola is expected to call for a referendum.

Court case to take a year.
Takes one of the biggest names out of the Yes campaign.

They have had a file on Salmond for 30 yrs.

Why now?
Does this smell right to you.

Alex Salmond enemy of the state.


So the Salmond trial is over. Found not guilty in a Unionist voting city by a jury the majority of which were female. Many surprised at the verdict due to the way the proceedings were reported. Main stream media gave full coverage to the accusations & virtually no coverage to the defence. The defence case was overwhelming.

Still Media won't leave it alone with he said she said.

My take on it.

Process was a shambles which badly let down everyone involved.

Accusations from many years ago. Why now. Obviously political, an attempt to derail Independence movement.

How did this happen ? MI5 working within Scottish Government & civil service. Simple as that. Don't scoff. Their role is to protect the British state. The greatest threat to the British state is Scottish Independence.

Sturgeon was put in a position where she had to condemn Salmond & the circus began.

Ended recently with Sturgeon being cleared of misleading Parliament.

Massive U.K wide coverage of enquiries & calls for resignation because she might have mislead Parliament.

Boris & Hancock were found guilty in a court of law of misleading Parliament over PPE contracts.

Hardly mentioned in media. Boris in the Sunday papers American business women admitting a four year affair with Boris when he was London mayor, during which time she got a £125,000 business grant from London Authorities. Think questions should be asked ? Apparently not. Imagine if Sturgeon had a four year affair with a toy boy. Do you think their would be a reaction from the main stream media?

END OF MARCH 2021 Where are we now?

Salmond has joined & now leads the ALBA Party. It stands on an Independence ticket for the regional list seats only. Not standing in constituency seats. The way the P.R. System works its impossible for SNP to win list seats in most regions.

So who do I vote for? Sturgeon or Salmond?


I am voting for us, the electorate of Scotland to have democratic control of our country.

Constituency vote       SNP
List vote       ALBA

Maximise the Indy ref 2 vote

Any other vote allows the posh boys in London (who have no mandate here) to continue to asset strip our country & weaken our Parliament.

Last election

Only in the South of Scotland Region did SNP win any list seats.

Everywhere else SNP got most votes but Westminster controlled Parties got the seats.

Voting ALBA on the list vote can half the amount of Westminster controlled Parties in our Parliament.