The reason the site is called..

Is because. Unless you are one of the few who search beyond the mainstream for information on the economic & constitutional position of our country, you will find a lot of this hard to believe.

First of all, before you go any further, please don't believe anything you read here. Simply put it into the mix with what you see elsewhere & reach your own conclusion on what's accurate & what's not.

Before you react to news.
Ask yourself this:
Who is telling you the story?
Who is paying those who are telling the story?
What agenda do they have?

I hope you will read my version of the story.

Nobody owns me.

Nobody pays me.

This is costing me money.

My agenda:
I want us all to have accurate information so we can make an informed decision on the future of our country.

Over the years I have been listening to the mainstream media, a media owned & controlled outside Scotland. Now I am not the smartest man in the world. But what we are being told by the mainstream just doesn't smell right!

That's my motivation.
Please read my website. Weigh it up against as wide an array of information you can find & reach your own conclusion on where the truth lies.

Scotland, we are told is a basket case economy. So bad we are told that even with all of our resources (oil & many more) we can't possibly govern our own country in such a way as to provide our people with their current standard of living.

The only major oil producing country in the world that has to be subsidised by it's resource poor neighbour.

The truth is we have been getting robbed for years. The British Establishment have been living high on the hog for years at everyone else's expense.

For the last 120 yrs at least Scotland has been creating large surpluses.

Amazingly enough they stopped publishing such information a long time ago.

Swelling the coffers in London. (details can be found on this site) Oil, farming , fishing, engineering, at one time Clydeside built every fifth ship launched in the world,electronics, renewable energy, cutting edge technologies.

Since 2001 the tax revenue raised in Scotland has increased by 30% The amount of our tax revenue retained by Westminster has in that time increased by an additional 13%. Now £30 Billion per year. Bearing in mind the Scottish Parliament opened in 2004 why would Westminster need to keep even more of our money ?

Occasionally they go off message & forget the official line that Scotland is a basket case, that has to be subsidised by London.

Phillip Hammond, then Chancellor being asked about a poll of Tory members which said if it's a choice between Brexit & keeping Scotland in the Union a majority would chose Brexit. Chancellor said. Scotland leaving the Union "would deprive Britain's next leader of the money needed to end austerity"(Reuters. June 2019) Who is subsidising who ????

Words are my own.
Pictures & graphs collated from a wide array of people more technically gifted than I.