So the Unionists as usual, have nothing positive to say in promotion of the Union. They have resorted to fear as always.

There would have to be a hard border between Scotland & England. Would make visiting you friends & relatives difficult.

At the present time even after Brexit there is a free movement of people agreement between U.K & Ireland.
Back in the dark days of the troubles. Irish groups were bombing London, there was still free movement of people between Ireland & U.K.

Unionists now telling us. We do more trade with rest of U.K than we do with E.U.
True we do a lot of trade with both. We don't have to choose between them.

They tell us if we are in E.U. There would need to be a hard border to stop goods & people entering England illegally.
We are unlikely to be in the E.U in the first few years at least. We would be in E.F.T.A The European Free Trade Association which includes Norway Switzerland Iceland & others. Gives you access to E.U. single market. E.F.T.A already has a free trade agreement with Westminster.

Still have same border issue with England. There are very few main roads crossing the border, easily controlled if we have to.

By the time we are Independent the border controls in Ireland should be running smoothly. Done electronically with very few physical checks. Our U.K & European trade would be back to normal.

Movement of people
Basically people sneaking through Scotland to get to England.

We would NOT be part of the Schengen Agreement therefore Europeans entering Scotland would have all their documents checked & therefore would be legitimate visitors.

In theory people could still enter England from Scotland. Great for holidays. Why would anyone illegally enter England.

Can't rent a flat or a room without proving you are in the country legitimately. Big fines for Landlords.
Can't get a job without proving you are in the country legitimately. Big fines for employers.

If its refuges they are concerned about. South Coast is still the place for Illegal entry.


Often hear that Rest of U.K is Scotland's largest trading partner. YES & it will remain so.

They don't tell you that Scotland is Rest of U.K'S 2nd largest trading partner.

The Scottish cringe is alive & well. People assume we will be in a weak position when negotiating with Westminster.
We also have power at the negotiating table.

England imports Electricity Oil & many other things from Scotland. Without this Electricity they would have to build 3 power stations. Takes about 5/10 years to build one.

Lots of businesses have cross border trade, in both directions. Businessmen don't care about politics they trade where they can get the best deal. If getting a good deal, reluctant to change.

Don't forget we also have the blot on the landscape at Faslane on the Clyde.

Westminster doesn't want to be moving its Nuclear weapons anytime soon.

Westminster needs a fair deal as much as we do.