Badly effected by disruption to trade with E.U.
Agricultural exports to E.U. In some cases down 80%
Fish exports down 70/80% Fresh shell fish trade decimated. Successful companies going to the wall.
Across all sectors of the Scottish economy additional red tape causing delays & additional expense.
Many companies having to hire additional staff to deal with paperwork involved.

According to some. This is because Europe is being unreasonable.
Its their club & we left, we are on the outside looking in.

During the transition period we could not agree terms. Basically the richest trading block in the world wouldn't role over & do what we wanted.
Only the type who are currently in charge at Westminster would approve of our negotiating style.
Did they really expect it to work or were they happy for it to fail?

Short term economic chaos devastation for a lot of normal people. Will have little effect on the super rich who own the country. There investments will still go up & they will have plenty of opportunities to take advantage of the cash flow difficulties that a lot of otherwise profitable companies are having. Bargains to be had.
Now we are out of E.U. The super rich don't have to worry about new money laundering laws being introduced across E.U. London can continue as the easiest major financial centre in the world to launder illegal money. For a hefty commission of course.

Apparently all this disruption to trade is just teething problems & will soon be sorted.

Negotiations on our behalf being done by English posh boys who have adopted their usual superior tone & are telling Johnny Foreigner how it's going to be. What could possibly go wrong?


Safe in Tory hands?

March 2021. Several North London Doctors Surgeries which together serve half a million people. The running of these practices has been contracted out to an American Health Insurance Company. Public don't know about it.

NHS GP practice operator with 500,000 patients passes into hands of us health insurer


Pound Sterling has gone up in value against many currencies. It was expected to go down because of economic chaos caused by Brexit. This has allowed Brexiteers to say things aren't so bad.
The reason for the pounds strength ? The Bank Of England (which is state owned) is printing money. Not borrowing as they tell you, but creating new money to deal with the Covid 19 crisis, some of this money has been used to offset problems caused by Brexit.
In normal times if a well established central bank like Bank Of England creates new money it means the value of the currency depreciates against other currencies. In the current Covid crisis this has not happened because every other major Central Bank is doing the same. Without Covid, Bank Of England would have to print money to offset Brexit problems. Other countries would not be doing the same & our currency would be devalued.

U.K. has not borrowed money for decades. What we do is create more of our own money. This is the magic money tree governments deny exists. From the beginning there is no intention of repaying this money to ourselves The Government say this is a debt & that our taxes will have to go up to pay for it.
In reality Brexit & Covid money printing is a great excuse to increase taxes on the average punter. Therefore even more money is being sucked from the masses to the 1%.


I was in London during the Brexit Referendum. Spoke to many Londoners. Nice ordinary people who when I asked them their reason for voting Leave said Immigration. Asked for another reason, they said don't need another reason. A lot of people in London feel overwhelmed by immigration not interested in the pros & cons of the debate. Just want it stopped.
I put it to them if Brexit happened there would still be same level of immigration as its the British Establishment that want immigration.
They looked at me as if I was daft.

Dominic Raab Foreign Secretary announces that U.K over the next 5 yrs will provide up to 2.9 million visas for Hong Kong Chinese who meet the right criteria regarding skills & fast track to citizenship.
These are the sort of highly educated, highly skilled, multilingual people that would be an asset to any economy. More profitable than training our own people.

3 million Hong Kong residents eligible for U.K citizenship

Trade talks beginning with India

In these negotiations India wants access to U.K ie Visas This will be useful as the lack of Poles & Romanians will mean a lack of skilled construction workers & a serious shortage of unskilled labour. More profitable than training our own people.

Whether you think this is a good idea or not is not the point

Brexit was won in a large part by anti foreigner sentiment & the promise that things would be different after Brexit.

This is going under the radar at the moment. Surely in any country that was contemplating such a move there would be open debate about the merits or otherwise of such a move. It should be headline news. Public don't know about it.